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The Dykes & Mendick Pedigree - About Us

The Dykes family has been farming at South Slipperfield farm in the Scottish Borders since 1967

During this time, John, Kate and Hamish have built up a strong reputation as successful breeders of Simmental Cattle, Bluefaced Leicester sheep and Highland Ponies which are sold all over the UK and even further afield.

South Slipperfield Farm is an upland / hill farm of 900 acres in the North West corner of the Scottish Borders. It rises from 750ft to 1500ft at the summit of Mendick Hill which is where the name Mendick comes from for our pedigree livestock enterprises.

The partners of the farming business are Kate, John and Hamish Dykes any one of whom will be pleased to answer any enquiries you may have.

Kate Dykes: 01968 660247 or 0788740146
John Dykes: 01968 660247 or 07770607878
Hamish Dykes: 01968 661597 or 07881620357

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