Simmental cow Simmental bull

Pedigree Scottish Simmental Cattle

‘The herd has been fully performance recorded since its founding.’

The Simmental herd was founded in 1987 as an extension of the commercial herd of suckler cows where the Simmental bulls were already being used very successfully. Several females have been purchased over the years at herd dispersal or reduction sales on a very selective basis.

Our Simmental Cows

The majority of the cows in the herd are descended from these purchases and are fully pedigreed but are still managed very commercially with heifers calving their first calves at around two years old.

The herd is a member of a hi- health scheme and has been fully performance recorded since its founding. This allows a rigorous culling process to be maintained with temperament and ease of management being important criteria.

More recently the only purchased animals have been herd sires which are always used on the commercial herd as well as the pedigree Simmental cows and again require to be proven performers in all situations before being used extensively.

The cows are mainly spring calving with a few in the autumn. Calves are all reared commercially until weaning when the bulls are assessed and the best selected to be reared for sale for breeding.

Heifer Calves

Heifer calves are assessed at fifteen months on performance figures, docility and conformation with the best being put to the bull to calve at two years old as replacements. Surplus heifers are sold to mainly commercial herds as breeding replacements either privately or by auction.

Our Simmental Bulls

We select only the best of our bull calves at around ten months old for selling as breeding bulls.They are offered for sale from fourteen months old onwards at home privately or at the breed sales by autcion in February,May or October.We have many customers returning to purchase having found that our bulls do a good job for them with extended longevity and excellent temperaments.

Currently there are Mendick bulls working all over the UK from crofts in the North of Scotland to Gloucestershire in the South of England.

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